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| Rules & Guidelines |

Rules & Guidelines

1) Please always use the TAGS when posting.
Most of the Tags you will need to use start with this ":" in front of it and at the end of it.
For example... :fanart:

2) Always credit the maker if you use or repost anything posted here.

3) Please put large graphics (over 500px in width) under an lj-cut or make it smaller.

4) If your graphics contain partial-nudity please put it under a cut or a cleverly cropped preview and warn people it may not be work safe (NSFW).

(These rules can also be found in the community profile if you ever need to refer back to them.)


I put a fair amount of effort into creating this community. All I ask is that you follow the rules I have mentioned above. I will allow you some time to edit your entries when you first post because I know LJ coding can be bothersome, but please don't take advantage of this. Try to keep your entries clean and respectful of others. Thank you! :)

Any questions? Leave them for me in
this post.

Rachel | Maintainer

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